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CECPublishers Was formed to enhance human potential-

CECPublishers was designed to provide self-help resources and human service books to enhance the human journey.  Regardless of stance in life, all persons hit highs and low throughout the life span.  It mirrors the human condition.   Whenever low periods hit, regardless how low or high functioning one may be, the perspectives get foggy when dealing with specific passages of life or unexpected events.  Many folks would prefer to talk with friends or family, while others prefer to keep feelings in so no one knows they should help at all.  But if folks could refer to a private resource in order to become informed on possible solutions to dilemmas.  So feel free to look thru our resources for one that is of interest to you. If so, please read the material with an open mind. If anyone prefers a more direct and private consult that also can be arranged. May  these resources serve you well.